Smart monitoring slashes bills by £20,000 per year


Our client is a large car parts manufacturing company, based in the West Midlands.

The company have large facilities covering a vast area.

The Problem

High water bills were raising suspicion with the company and they requested Demeter to investigate using our water monitoring software.

West Midlands car manufacturer

The Solution

Our Utilities Manager software highlighted a constant flow of water running at least 840 litres every hour (14 litres every minute), this was occurring even when the factory was closed.

The cost of this constant flow was calculated at £20,000 per annum. Our initial survey confirmed that the water was not due to process use within the factory.

The Demeter team carried out specialist leak detection on the underground water pipe between the meter and the factory. A fissure was pinpointed through leak noise correlation and the team attended to excavate and repair.


Following the repair, water use now reduces to zero every night when the factory closes.

Without the intervention of Demeter, water wastage would have continued unchecked costing the client £20,000 per year. The project took three months to complete at a cost of £4,000 which included pro-active monitoring, leak detection and repair to the burst pipe.

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