Total cost savings: £18,000 per year

Total water saving: 8,760,000 litres per year


Husqvarna, based in County Durham, are a leading manufacturer of outdoor power tools including lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and chainsaws. Demeter provide a water monitoring service to Husqvarna including deploying data loggers to the revenue water meter and sub-meters, a daily checking and alert service.

The Problem

As part of our routine daily checking process using our Utility Manager software, we discovered a sudden increase in water flows to a minimum of 1,000 litres every hour on the 21st September. This was not only wasting high amounts of water but would also cost the company thousands of pounds if not rectified.

The Solution

A high-flow alarm was triggered on our monitoring system and Husqvarna was informed via our daily checking process. Following an unsuccessful investigation by Husqvarna, Demeter provided a team of technicians to attend the site and a leak detection survey was commenced. An underground leak was detected and the process of excavating and repairing the leak started on a 4” cast iron main.


As the water leak was not visible above ground, this could easily have run for many months before being detected either from manual meter readings or by receiving a sudden increased water bill. Demeter’s prompt identification of the leak and our follow up detection and repair service ensured that Husqvarna did not face excessive and unnecessary water costs and helped save thousands of litres of water.

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