Constant water flow investigated & found

Total cost savings: £21,216 per year

Total water saving: 7,980,360 litres per year


Our client is a North East based care home and part of a large national independent care provider.

Demeter has worked with the group for several years on their water savings and wider water strategy.

The Problem

Following an alert from our Utilities Manager software, it was discovered a high constant flow of water use within the care home.

This was resulting in water usage of over 920 litres per hour, equivalent to £417 per week.

The Solution

Our team alerted the care home facilities staff and an investigation was launched.  Upon guidance and advice from our team, the site staff checked all areas of the property whereupon it was discovered a toilet was constantly running in a room within the building that was out of use, a tap had also been left running within the same room.

Upon checking the exterior of the property, a hosepipe was found to be running constantly into the back garden.

All of the items discovered with switched off and reported back to our team.

care home water savings


Following the actions of our team to initially inform the care home of high constant use and subsequently the onsite investigation by the facilities staff, the water use was reduced to 20 litres per hour, equivalent to £9 per week.

This particular incident proves that water savings do not necessary result from repairing or finding a large water burst, our team were able to save significant costs and water due to a continually running toilet, tap and a hosepipe.

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