Demeter invited to attend Smart City Virtual Trade Mission

Hot on the heels from our recent Edie award success, we are delighted to have been invited to attend the Smart City Virtual Trade Mission: Queensland, Australia on March 16th 2021.

The Department for International Trade is bringing together smart cities companies from across the UK’s North East region for the 2021 virtual trade mission. 

The UK is a world-leader in tech and digital, ranking third in the world for investment in crucial emerging technology attracting more than £11.2 billion worth of tech investment.

Australia has long had a precarious relationship with water, but the extreme weather events of recent decades have forced it to adopt a renewed respect for this precious and finite resource.

Of all earth’s continents, only Antarctica gets less precipitation than Australia.

Australia’s limited and unpredictable rainfall is being exacerbated by climate change with the continent one degree warmer than a hundred years ago and receiving significantly less rain.

Driven by the twin challenges of declining water supply and growing demand, Australia has stepped up its efforts to secure its water future.

With an impressive track record of sustainable water savings, the event is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our innovative water monitoring software and analysis services to the Australian market.

Smart City Virtual Mission: Queensland, Australia

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