Middlesbrough bus station welcomes water savings

Total cost savings: £16,500 per year

Total water saving: 7,884,000 litres per year


Our client, Middlesbrough Bus Station, serves the town of Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire.  The station is open 7 days a week with many visitors, they had little knowledge of the water network within their site.

The Problem

The bus station’s water charges were in excess of £30,000 per annum, we were approached to investigate these costs and ensure no water misuse was taking place.

The Solution

Using our data logging equipment and up-to-the-minute Utilities Manager water analysis service, we identified various areas of excessive water use.

Working with both the management team and employees we rectified the areas where water was being misused and provided guidance on future management of the site.  The initial query, survey, analysis and recommendations were all carried out in less than 30 days.


Working on an individual basis and with advice tailored to the bus station, the water consumption was reduced by £16,500 per annum and the water saved was over 7 million litres per year.

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