Military vehicle manufacturer reduces costs & usage

Total cost savings: £5,800 per month

Total water saving: 2,190,000 litres per month


Our client is a military vehicle manufacturer based on a large site where a safe and non-disruptive approach is critical.

The Problem

The company discovered their water costs were extremely high and requested the services of Demeter to investigate.

The Solution

Our Utilities Manager software was installed and quickly showed a minimum flow of more than £9 every hour.  An immediate investigation was put into action with part of the site water network isolated (only 5 days from the software installation), the isolation resulted in an immediate reduction in consumption to only £1 per hour.


The annual savings to our customer is £70,000 per annum, as the business subscribed to our daily checking service, these savings have been continually sustained.

The client also has access to their Utilities Manager online account providing them with clear and comprehensive visibility of their water supply.

Without our intervention and immediate response, the customer would have continued to have been charged for excessive water use.  The immediate savings to the customer being £70,000 for the cost of an annual subscription to Utilities Manager of less than £2000.

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