North East 4 Star Hotel

Total cost savings: £17,500 per year

Total water saving: 8,515,000 litres per year


Our client is a 4 star, busy, 50 bedroomed hotel based in the North East.  The hotel is set in parkland surroundings and organises regular functions and events.

The Problem

After analysis of their water bills, the hotel were concerned that their water consumption was at a high level when benchmarked against similar properties.

The hotel contacted Demeter to investigate.

Pipe Leak
Pipe Leak

The Solution

Demeter quickly implemented their own water monitoring system, Utilities Manager and investigations commenced.

The Utilities Manager system confirmed that ongoing consumption was high, with the flow never falling below 1,400 litres per hour, equivalent to an annual loss of £22,000 per annum.

Working closely with the hotel to ensure that guests and visitors were not inconvenienced we carried out nightly tests and tracing of the network to confirm the routes and supply arrangements.

The area of leakage was narrowed down to a point where an excavation could be carried out, the leak was discovered on pipework at the rear of the hotel and successfully repaired – just 5 weeks after Demeter’s monitoring system was installed.


Using the Utilities Manager monitoring system has helped the hotel manage and significantly reduce it’s water consumption.  With our pro-active approach, the underground leak was quickly located and repaired.

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