University gets top marks in leak detection


Demeter provides water-monitoring services to a number of Universities across the country including many in the North East.

Our services can cover many building types, including campus facilities, student accommodation and sports halls.

The Problem

On Christmas Day 2018, a University based in Tyne & Wear saw a huge increase in water usage at their large halls of residence.

Analysing their data via our water monitoring service, we discovered the flow had increased to 20,000 litres of water every hour.  

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The Solution

As there was no visible signs of water loss, investigations were carried out by in-house staff, after several days a leak was located in a service tunnel underneath the buildings.

Without our pro-active warning from the water monitoring system, this £1,000 a day leak would have gone undetected until the next routine inspection of the tunnel.


Following the successful detection and remedy of the leak, the University saved £30,000 per month on wasted water for a project cost of £360 and a payback period of nine hours.

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