Five figure savings at police station

Total cost savings: £36,400 per year

Total water saving: 13,140,000 litres per year


We are proud to assist both public and private sector companies across the UK, a long-standing client, a police station based in Cheshire, had a recent problem that required immediate attention.

The Problem

An increase in water usage was found whilst checking our daily analysis reports, this amounted to an escape of water at 1,500 litres every hour.

The Solution

Our team quickly alerted the police station whereupon their internal maintenance team was asked to investigate.

A leak in the plant room was discovered and subsequently repaired by their team.


Our rapid response, both in identifying the increased usage and informing our client, ensured the burst was found and repaired within hours.

Without our intervention, the cost to the police force would have amounted to £700 per week.

Client review: “We have discovered a large issue on the chillers from your report, this shows the worth of your system.”

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